20 September 2011

off the beaten track and
into the belly of the dragon

A trip to the dragon kiln (apparently one of only two left in Singapore) this weekend made me wish that I had a clue about photography. If I knew anything about composition the possibilities would, I'm sure, have been endless. In fact, it's really prompted me to try and do something about that and get some formal tuition.

None the less, here are some of the pictures for Sweet Shot Tuesday. Everything on or around the kiln was, of course, brown. Wood, clay, bricks, pottery - so I like that all the photos have a very autumnal feel about them. You can read the clay artists' blog here.

every shade of brown next to the kiln

the surrounding hills seem to be made of rejected pots. they look like giant shells

pots pots pots, as far as the eye could see

very much in the jungle - with the mosquito bites to prove it

old chinese shutters. kinda hoping my husband will go back and get them... and a woodworm guy

classic local coffee cups, at this price I'll have 200 in case I ever open a cafe...

beautiful Peranakan ware

not for sale. probably just as well, a jungle-dwelling antique Singer probably doesn't make life easier

Sweet Shot Day


  1. I think you are getting there with the photos. I loved that one of the pots - and the tin roofs especially. I just kept entering photo blog memes and learned by seeing what others were doing. xxx

  2. Cheers BC, I am a total sucker for corrie iron roofs too (must be because my Dad put one on the croft we grew up in - exactly that rust colour too!)

  3. Beautiful photos! I agree that there is a feeling of autumn about them :)

  4. Oh those are lovely especially the little coloured china ornaments. As the Barefoot Crofter said there is plenty of inspiration on the internet. There's Darcy's 31 days to becoming a better photographer for starters and that series is about to start again.

    Thanks for visiting


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