04 November 2013

party poopers and a few leftover macaroons

About ten years ago I lived in a wee flat with my friend and work colleague, we'll call her Bella, because that is not her name. Across the landing was the flat of another friend and work colleague, we'll call him Bazza, because that is not his name.

It was all very Friends. Except that we lived above a sandwich shop rather than a coffee shop... oh, and it was in a small, skanky armpit of a Scottish town rather than NYC. So not at all like Friends really.

Anyway, after every jolly evening down the pub, we would end up back at Bazza's flat, playing loud Indie music, getting more and more sozzled while we moaned about the state of the place we had to work in. In certain ways it was great. But the greatest thing about the whole set up? I would excuse myself for a wee bathroom break, and then without the others noticing I'd nip back across the landing to my flat and go to bed. Bella and Bazza would continue with their party, too pissed to realise that I'd been gone for hours. We'd all feel like death warmed up the following morning, but I'd have the rosy glow borne of a few hours more sleep and a few hours less beer. The very definition of smug.

So, I admit it, I'm the party slope-er-off-er. Have you ever done it? Has anyone ever done it to you? I can only imagine how annoying it is to realise that your friend left hours ago without saying goodbye, and is now fast asleep (in pyjamas, with her make up taken off) while you got so plastered waiting for her to return from the bathroom (three hours ago) that you can't even say pyjamas, let alone contemplate the whole face-wash/tooth-brush caper.

I sense that your opinion of me has fallen somewhat. What can I say. We were young, and I'm a pain in the arse.

But I am determined not to be the party slope-er-off-er from this here blog shindig. I feel it would be rude, after all this time, and after we've had so much fun, to just disappear without so much as a by your leave. And so I have some finale posts planned, this being one of them. There's a Yarn Along or two in the pipeline perhaps, certainly a final fling with a Random Recipe. I keep you (literally) posted.

So "why has the blogpost cupboard been so bare recently?" I hear you ask in your best faux-sincere, head-tilty lilt. A neurosis shared is a neurosis indulged after all, and I do ever-so like to indulge.

Well, it turns out that sometimes it's best to take the plunge and commit to something wholeheartedly, rather than to dither about. And so it is with the illustrating lark I've found myself in. I have taken the plunge, put my name behind it and a tiny wee bit of money too.

So instead of planning a lovely, theoretical, perfect creative business where everything's just "so" before I begin (and therefore will never actually exist) I realised, for once in my life, that I had better just bloody well get on with it. Full steam ahead.

And none of it is perfect, none of it matches, and I haven't found my own personal illustrative style yet, but the process is great fun. Precious few hours are left for my witterings about cake, and wool, and cake, and my apple trees (and did I mention cake?). But while I may seem to have disappeared altogether, I'm actually all over the place. Just not here.

For example:
And what I'm trying to get at is that I would love to connect with you in all these online places. Because otherwise we'll not bump into one another all that much any more, and that would be an awful shame. (But, don't worry, I still read your blogs, so I'll continue sticking my beak in where it's not required in the comments sections, thank you please very much.)

Anyway, while you're filling your glass and having a wee browse through those links, it's getting late so I must just nip to the bathroom. I may be some time...

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  1. Congratulations and good luck! I am proud and envious and well it seems like something is in the air or water just now as several of my friends and acquaintances are " just taking the plunge" into something new ( myself included) without a lot of in depth analysis or organization or tidiness and yet it all seems to be working out and falling into place. So your timing is right. Go with your passion.

  2. Good for you. You write well and always make me giggle and so many good bloggers have fallen off the web. And if you one of them, I'll be pissed. (Means something different here in the States.)

  3. So exciting that you have found your "thing" but that your "thing" is still developing and expanding. Just super exciting!!!!

  4. Now lovely to see you back, if sad that it's not for long, but hey, at least I know where you're hiding now. Brilliant news, m'dear, on the illustration front ... larks indeed, and many congratulations on them xxx

  5. i will certainly miss your blog-space....but look forward to all your new adventures!!

  6. I'm sorry to hear you will no longer be blogging, but I do appreciate you not sloping off without a good night! Congratulations to you on all your successes, may this just be the beginning of a very successful design career for you. I plan to pop over and follow you so I can spy what you're up to!

  7. I'm only new to your blog but have been enjoying it immensely. I was just saying to Greer that you hadn't posted in ages and here back again (yay!) but leaving again :-( However, congratulations on your creative success - looking forward to following along your journey on your new website, which looks fantabulous. Love your "about me" graph :-) Good luck with everything! Mel x

    1. a few words are missing there, it should read ..."and here YOU ARE back again" :-)

  8. I always feel like I did comment but I haven't!
    Aww, your posts always made me laugh, I will miss your wonderful writing so much (I have already, now even more), but I am glad you have found new adventures that keep you on your toes. It all sounds so exciting and I wish you the best of luck!! x

  9. This is so exciting - good for you for getting on with it and for not being a sloper-offer. Good luck with it all, I'm sure you'll be a success! X


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