17 August 2011

yarn along: a star and the stripes

I have been working on this sock-striped sweater for The Boss for a really, really long time. The needles are so small, the wool so fine, and I need to follow the chart so closely that I start to get cross with it quickly and have to put it away for a few weeks. By the time I go back to it I've forgotten what size I decided to make, and where exactly I left off. I'm hoping my frustration won't be too obvious when it's (eventually) finished. It's called Macy, from a Rowan Kids pattern book.

Though I've actually finished this book recently, I think my book group back in the UK is selecting it this month (with a little pressure from me admittedly). I doubt there'll be many times in my life I get the chance to revel in a friend having had a book published, but this is the first! He's officially an author now, and I'd say a critically-acclaimed author (as in there were great reviews in all the papers) and a celebrated author (as in lots of us went out for drinks after the launch = celebrated, yes?). It's about the loss of his brother in the Indian Ocean tsunami, so though it's very emotional, it's also a true monument to brotherhood. So, if you've got some book tokens lying about, I commend it to you.

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  1. Thank you for the book suggestion -- it sound slike a powerful and inspiring read. And your sweater is beautiful. I love the look of knitting done in tiny yarn, but it does take so long!

  2. Kathy, powerful and inspiring: you've got it in one.

  3. Love the colours, and I'm sure it'll look lovely when it is finished, despite being put down a lot (blocking will surely even everything out!)

  4. really pretty yarn and i'm sure a lovely pattern, i love rowan patterns.

    congratulations on your friends book, what a tribute to his brother. having three sons who are the best of friends i don't know if i could read this though.

  5. You have patience. I always vow to use bigger needles or thicker yarn on the next project, when I finish a fine knit. I love the way sock yarn creates a pattern as you knit. Your book recommendation sounds inspiring.

  6. Thanks pinkundine, Lori Ann and Cheryl. Keep your eyes peeled for a photo of the finished jumper on Yarn Along... ETA approx 2015... when my daughter is years too big for it :\

    Thanks for leaving a msg, I've really enjoyed checking out your blogs via your links. Happy days.

  7. Simon's book is so very moving. I am not getting through it quickly. I am a bit scared to read it. The night I started it, I was sobbing for hours so, although I have taken it everywhere with me, I keep thinking "I can't read this now - it would be inappropriate to start sobbing here".
    I am very impressed with his writing. It is so intimate! I feel like I know him really well, an not only that, but he seems to know me - we seem to be related. Probably just that most of us humans are very alike in our most intimate moments. How amazing he has been able to share so much in a book.


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