15 August 2011

paper mama photo challenge: eyes

Some parents keep all their baby's shoes as momentos. We keep glasses, and we're building up a fair collection. While this picture (for Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Eyes, click above) doesn't literally include my daughter's pupils and irises, it definitely includes her eyes.

This shot of baby glasses was taken during a made-up shopping game and broke the cardinal rule: DON'T play with your glasses! But rules (and glasses) are there to be broken now and again.


  1. I always bemoan the fact I have to buy a complete new wardrobe for my boys every year at least. Of course, with her glasses - even worse! Children are expensive hobbies.
    But what a cute photograph.

  2. I am a follower but your new posts don't come up on my new posts bit and when I click on your blog name in my dashboard, it says it can't find your feed. Not sure if that is a problem at your end or mine.

  3. Hmmm - I don't know where I'm going wrong... I've Google searched and found that loads of people are experiencing the same thing, but nobody has given them an answer! I changed a setting from "Blog feeds: None" to "Blog feeds: short". Do you think that could be it? Hope so!


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