10 August 2011

inappropriate knitwear and a "grand" novel

Since I'm always knitting something and reading something, a linky photo of knitting and books? Be rude not to. Click the title to get through to the Yarn Along page.

This shawl is totally inappropriate for the climate I live in - but I guess I'll be back in Europe next winter. I LOVE the pattern (found on pea soup's lovely blog) but I hate the colour I picked. I've never worn burgandy red in my life as it always looks like a school uniform. Logical step? Combine it with grey... GREY. GREY? What was I thinking? Nevermind, I've got a bag of loveliness from my last trip to loop in London. Consider this one a practice run.

A Different Sky has a sticker on the front dubbing it a "grand novel of Singapore". Seems like a strange thing to call it, wouldn't a "great novel of Singapore" have been more appealing? It's very good, but it's the third novel I've read charting the same period in history, and perhaps it suffers by comparison. It's easier to read than The Singapore Grip (Farrell), but I think Tanamera (Barber) is still my favourite of the three.

The Boss and I are dipping in and out of her first Moomintroll novel at bedtimes. I think I'm getting more (nostalgia) out of it than she is though. The chapters are a bit long if you're only four and a half, but sheer bliss if your parents gave your copies away to the church sale of work when you were eight. (cue: violins)


  1. I love the colour combination, it looks really good with the pattern (although as soon as you mentioned school uniforms I could kinda see where you were coming from!) I think it'll be very pretty when it is finished :)

  2. Hello
    This is also my first yarn along.


  3. i like the color combination too! it looks lovely on the other website, when it is finished, so i hope you end up liking it anyway judging by all the work you have put into it!


  4. Really, you hat the colours? Love them!! Maybe it's because I grew up without school uniforms... :)

  5. Thanks so much for your comments, I'm glad that generally the colours seem popular, maybe someone I know will like it as a gift.
    Hello Lorena - crochet looks fancy! I've never known how to do that so I'd better add it to my "to do" list

  6. i think the colours are lovely together...i love deep burgundy! thanks for your comments on my blog, I'm making my way through your posts :)


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