27 August 2011

desperately seeking seasons

Every morning the weather forecast on the radio is the same: 28 to 32 degrees C with a chance of thundery showers. Every flippin' day. 365. We reckon they have it pre-recorded.

As another Singapore Summer (apparently) draws to a close, we're seriously hankering for Autumn. I'd love to spout all that blah about crisp, fresh outdoor pursuits and fabulous fashionable layering, but honestly those aren't my memories from our last real temperate-zone Autumn. Me and her staying in out of the rain, playing, eating and snoozing - now that's what I'm talkin' about. Idle bliss.

she turned out the lights, positioned the lanterns, and posed. very unusual behaviour for her.

Autumn will never come to Singapore in any meteorological sense but today it has drizzled all day. Me and The Boss have been stuck inside, and with the aircon on, you could almost believe it was really Autumn. So we set about making some lanterns to decorate the flat, because with mooncakes in the shops it must nearly be Chinese mid-autumn festival.

We used this tutorial from minieco because I assumed it would be something my daughter and I could do together (you know in that rose-tinted way that almost NEVER happens). By the time I'd actually read it though and started with the scalpel... and then the matches, it had to become rather a pre-schooler-free zone. But it was still a brilliant way to spend a rainy afternoon - me cutting zigzags and trying not to set the paper on fire, and her colouring in and blethering at the table beside me.

Once lit, she said the immortal words "wow! look at those bad boys!".

Couldn't have put it better myself.

NEWSFLASH! 4th Sept: the divine Chelsey from papermama just picked my top photo as coming 3rd in her "favourites from august" challenge. Hurrah! If you want to see all the others and join in next week (when the subject is "heart") click on the button.

The Paper Mama

NEWSFLASH 2! 10th Sept: April at the Gingerbread Blog featured this on her Sweet Saturday link-along. Hurrah x 2! To see all the other projects and to join in next time, click on the button.



  1. What GORGEOUS shots- and I completely understand your want for the fall to come. I am certainly feeling the same way.

  2. Thanks CHSM - I'm just looking at that picture of your three pulling faces. That's one for a frame I think!

  3. yikes that's cold... I'm having the opposite problem here in Florida. Beautiful photo of your girl.

  4. Oh no Mallory - I'm talking centigrade - 85-90 F and intolerable humidity! I wish it was cold!

  5. Those bad boys are indeed cool! I would have loved to have heard her say that! Nice lanterns.
    Autumn is definitely here already but not really in a good way yet. leaves are starting to turn but cold, windy and rainy - bit miserable. I like the crisp but bright Autumnal days. Have to walk the dog whatever the weather so don't really get the "good day to snuggle inside" thing so much, although the boys always get promised hot choc when we get home if it is too cold/rainy.

  6. hot chocolate with small boys and a wet dug, you totally need a landrover and a small castle estate ;)
    Sounds like heaven, I'm so ridiculously homesick.

  7. Awwwwww - sending big huggles through the ether. xxx

  8. They do look very beautiful! Lots of zig zags to cut!

  9. Thanks PDNFTA.

    And thanks too Cedar; not as time consuming as they look (but then I'm not really one for precision in such things!)


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