31 January 2013

the next phase?

How is it possible that I reached the grand old age of (ahem... twenty seven?) without learning about Adobe Illustrator? I've spent the last month forgetting to eat lunch and being late for school pick-up because I'm so absorbed in trying to figure out how to draw this or that.

A massive thanks to Alma from Nicole's Classes - I can't wait to enrol in Illustrator 102 in March!

an unfinished drawing of Mr Breadwinner

our family got a new dragon baby last week!

an exercise in drawing a blog header

a work in progress for December perhaps?


  1. Love what you're doing with this!

    One quibble ... 27 does not require an ahem ... it's a good age, actually any age with a 2 in front is a good age, or a 3 ... (Annie's failing 40+ brain attempts to calculate how many years since she left her 30s, and gives up ;) )

    1. You're so sweet Annie - but it's a good while since I was 27!!

    2. Oops, only just seen the question mark ;)

      Well however old you are I guarantee I'm older!

  2. Oh I love your art work you are so talented- really fun to see your creativity! Awesome possible header.

    ( we have a dragon in our family...a dragon/leo...gulp!)
    ...it's good to see your learning something in your "old" age...hehehe.

  3. Wow, those are amazing! I really hope I have time to take one of those classes soon. My plate is so overflowing right now but I'd love to do something creative for a change....

  4. These look great! I like the idea of a 27 ahem for my age, it's a while since I celebrated that birthday too!

  5. good job with the illustrator. I picked it up by messign about on it, the teachers just expected us all to know without teaching us :( this is what art school is for eh. anyway, good luck and cant wait to see more! x

  6. So fun! Very wonderful, too!
    I think in another life I would love to be a graphic designer.


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