11 January 2013

showing off :: catchlights

It is clear that the subject of this photo is a staggering example of peachy perfection. (Me? Biased?) But by luck the catchlights are nice and clear too, raising the technical quality of the shot from alright to passably good. I think.

Catchlights? Say what? Light source reflected in the eyes doncha know.

M'yah, yah, I know, such a brainiac.

I learned it from here a whole 45 minutes ago. And, like a toddler, I'm going to repeat my new word over and over again until you say "clever girl!" and give me a piece of cake to shut me up.

Catchlights catchlights catchlights catchlights catchlights...

who's a pretty boy then?

I want to associate myself with and then she snapped, mainly because I think it's approximately the coolest name for a photography site in about a millionty years and you should all know about it. So I'll link in with her Sunday photo thingy show off your shot. But I know I won't remember/have time/have washed/brushed my hair between now and Sunday, so I'm getting the writing bit done while the going's good.

 then, she {snapped}


  1. Beautiful "catchlights". Thanks for the new word, and I too shall roll it off my tongue a lot today. Now I'm off to your links to see what's what!

  2. You are such a clever girl - producing such a lovely boy with those catchlights x

  3. Beautiful shot ~ what a gorgeous little guy!!!

  4. what a precious pea and what a beautiful photo.
    can't lose with the two combined!

  5. Catchlights and a cutie ... double the goodness :D

  6. ....more like twinkle-twinkle...swoon.
    Beautiful baby you have.


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