15 January 2013

all opinions are my own

It's a cruel paradox that the excesses of Christmas has us all financially tightening our belts, and yet those same excesses mean we can't physically do our belts up at all. That's January for you. It's a bugger. If you're feeling the January slump this week, may I recommend signing up to learn something new? I can highly recommend it.

I  am enduring the holy trinity of January + wet snow + mastitis (again), but the homework feedback for my online Illustrator course is enough to put a smile on my face. Really, praise from an awesome new teacher is a miracle cure for the blues.

Just to be clear, despite banging on about them all the time, I'm not being paid to promote Nicole's Classes. They're so good that I'll rave about them AND pay for the privilege (I completed Photoshop 101 this time last year, and then got a GREAT deal on a whole raft of 2013 classes on Cyber Monday).

As my husband can testify, anyone able to teach me something computer-y from a standing start (I have never opened Illustrator before) in a matter of days is a genius. You have simply no idea how many years it took for me to grasp the concept of email.

So here are the greetings card assignments I "turned in" (so American!) for week two of my course. I urge you to go and see what the Nicole and her lovely friends can teach you, it'll cheer up your January no end.

I'd love to know what any of you have decided to learn this new year...


  1. I totally agree that doing something new can lift the spirits... great idea!

  2. It's nice to hear you are having fun and learning something new!
    I make a list every year of the new skills I want to learn for that
    year, always at least two. Keeping the brain active keeps it working,
    keeps you young and makes the days so much brighter!
    Have fun.

  3. I love those cards, they're so cool :)

  4. What a great new skill you have. And positive feedback to boot. What a grand start to January. I am mixing it up with some apothecary learning this year as well as a photography course.

  5. Thanks for sharing ~ just looked into the Photoshop 101 class and may indeed take that. I certainly need it! And I'm always game to learn something new!

  6. Wow, those are some amazing classes! I would love to learn something new this year. Photography, design, illustrator. Any or all. Your projects turned it great!


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