18 April 2012

in search of...


I'm not asking for much, just a tiny bit of perfect. Sadly my life is not. It's in pathetic and woeful c.h.a.o.s. My brain stops working in chaos, anxiety and neuroses start accumulating, resulting in complete apathy and underachievement.

I want to make something for a special little baby in London who is due to arrive any minute, and I was inspired by the sheer flawless purity of this post by a blogger known as Pilli Pilli. From the way she writes, she clearly doesn't even consider herself a very accomplished knitter. Bah, some people are almost too clever.

Motivated, I got some navy blue DK out of my wool box (n.b. I've started to rail against the "s" word... you know the one... it seems a bit furtive and harsh. Just me?) and started the puerperium pattern that I've read so much about. I figure that navy blue can go either way gender-wise with the correct choice of buttons. Bugger it, there's something I'm quite hopeless at, choosing buttons.

Nevermind, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, for now I have to try and make a pretty picture for Yarn Along. But hang on... all my surfaces have sticky marks, dust bunnies, cracked paint (not in a shabby chic kinda way) or heaps and heaps of stuff from the container delivery, still piled up with no idea what to do with any of it.

Deep breath. Note to self: remember the New Years resolution, "hope in honest error" and all that.

So enough grumbling: the puerperium does indeed look like it'll turn out nice, if not quite as evenly perfect as Pilli Pilli's lovely pieces. Everyone's got to have something to aim for. And The Blue Afternoon continues to be one of the most brilliant stories I've read in ages, I hope it has a good ending.

In the meantime, I'm going to sow peas with The Boss. A little bit of perfect after all.


  1. Oh dear - you are sounding a bit fed up today - sending a big hug. Navy is lovely for babies - silver buttons always look good - and maybe pearly ones for a girl?

  2. Sorry that you are having a rough spot...they come around here too. But remember they usually don't last too long. Love your knitting project...it will be so cute.

  3. I think you sweater is beautiful and it's going to look fine! Great color :)

  4. That blue looks lovely :) Sometimes finding perfection takes a lot of effort - at times like those I find good enough to be well, good enough!

  5. my brain feels like yours right now ... all over the place! and the mess in my house, oy ...

  6. oh dear, imperfection is so much easier to strive for, breathe deep sweetie. love the blue of your sweater. planting peas sounds fun!

  7. Perfection is strived for and never achieved, at least in my case :) I think the blue is a good choice, and I hate picking buttons too. I'm having the girls help me out the next time round, they seem to have excellent taste (I wonder where that comes from?)

  8. Oh how I feel you on the need for a least a little bit of perfect, I've been struggling with a bit of apathy myself lately. I love the color of that sweater, I'm sure it will be nothing less than perfection!

  9. I've explained the Cardamon sugar in the Cardamon Rose and Rhubarb cake recipe ..thanks for pointing out that I'd missed it !


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