25 April 2012

for the love of friends

Particularly friends who swoop in to relieve me of my responsibilities while I snivel into my third box of tissues. Apparently The Boss will be returned, fed, in time for bed. I could just weep with gratitude.

I was so concerned about my daughter picking up every pre-school cold and snivel when we moved back to the UK. It didn't cross my mind that I might become the walking viral reservoir for over a month (and barely walking at that).

I intend to spend the next four hours knitting the puerperium from last week, sneezing, reading last week's newspapers, eating toast, blowing my nose, and sending self-pitying text messages to Mr Breadwinner somewhere in continental Europe. I might even do some online shopping on his credit card.

I do not intend to do any of the laundry, washing up, ironing, hoovering or emptying of the cat tray.

Normal Yarn Along service to resume next week (I hope).


  1. I hope that you manage to get lots of rest and knitting time in. Feel better soon!

  2. I was hoping you were already feeling better by now. Well, I hope it comes super soon. Keep on knitting :)

  3. Wishing you better. I fully support the statement "I do not intend to do any of the laundry, washing up, ironing, hoovering or emptying of the cat tray." - those are certainly things that can, and should, wait!

  4. Battle on! Nothing like cold season.
    I agree...the laundry, cattray can all wait!

    Sending you get well hugs from Montana.

  5. Friends like those are keepers! Hope you're feeling a lot betterer soon!

  6. Sounds like a good plan. What lovely friends you have.
    Get well soon!

  7. I hear ya! This was me all week as well.

    Colds are a rude interruption to one's usually very productive life.

  8. i just posted my mum's watercress chicken soup, she was telling me to go make some now that it's flu season, what with all the showers. and then i hop over to your blog and see that you're down with the sniffles, guess her naggings have precious truth to them! please get well soon, and remember to take care of not just your family, but you yourself!x


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