23 February 2012

project 52: cabin fever

Wiki currently describes cabin fever as "a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person or group is isolated and/or shut in a small space, with nothing to do, for an extended period (as in a simple country vacation cottage during a long rain or snow)."

Now - bearing in mind that I'm prone to gross exaggeration and writing entirely for provocative effect - to me, that simple cottage with nothing to do sounds amazing. Fresh air and vigorous activity are totally over-rated, especially if you hail from the North of Scotland where the weather is (at worst) horrific or (at best) a bit parky even at the height of Summer.

My favourite kind of day involves me and my girl, jogging bottoms, blinds drawn against the rain, a burbling radio, a purring cat, and nothing in particular to do beyond stories, crayons and maybe a bit of knitting. If I can arrange for that day to last a week, so much the better. And the apogee is reached with free-flow tea and toast. Very, very rarely have we darkened the doors of a "musik!" group or a preschool gymnastics class, because frankly, we just prefer being at home. (If you're thinking I'm an idle, unstimulating mother, you'd be right. But she sometimes drinks the tea with me, and caffeine is a stimulant. Please let me know before nominating me for the worst mum in the world award, it's only fair.)

So, if being shut in my wee house for a while = cabin fever, bring it on I say. I do remember the phrase "cabin fever" being bandied about between my friends when our babies were small, some of the more proactive among us clearly feeling a little housebound. Occasionally I did almost get where they were coming from, but mostly I just smiled and sympathised.

However, while pondering tomorrow's p52 theme, I realised that there is one place that does give me cabin fever every. single. time.

In anticipation, a visit to this place always seems like a good idea. And it usually starts off well. But, no matter how good your intentions, it's never possible to avoid a marathon expedition. About half way through said marathon I start to get restless, irritated, frustrated... I feel an overwhelming urge to just GET OUT (I did once abandon my trolley, diving for the nearest cab with a whimper). I always vow that, in future, I will happily spend 500% more in John Lewis just so that I can avoid the Scandi hangar of genius storage and writhing nightmares for EVER, never to return...

But return I inevitably do, because lets face it, it's the consumerist yoke of our generation.

bags behind bars: ISO400, f2, 1/30

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge my3boybarians.com


  1. Yes -yes yes! I am so glad that tin box is not here. LOl. We drink tea all the time too. xx

  2. I wanted to pop in and say thank you so much for the comment. I am very excited to try this 'Forbidden Rice' that I have heard so much about and the recipe link you gave me looks like a great way to start.
    Have a super day.

  3. Hahahahaaha - I can totally relate to this post! Also, it's a fallacy that you'll spend less - although that's always the intention, it's impossible not to buy LOTS of cheap things there simply because they are too cheap to miss - regardless of whether they are needed!

    Anyway, I hopped over here after your comment on my blog to say KCBW is awesome, I think you'll love it! Look forward to seeing your posts! x

  4. Great photo! The level of detail on the bags is incredible - with all the little squares of blue.

  5. Love the bright blue and the detail!

  6. I almost thought, from looking at the thumbnail on the p52 site, that this was an umbrella lying on its side. You certainly picked up the texture and made it artistic!

  7. So funny! I feel the same way...bring on staying indoors in jammies...bliss! :) Also is it sad that I totally know IKEA bags (please tell me I'm right) when I see them?!? :)

  8. You always have the BEST stories to go along with your pictures! Always a great photo, amazing blue.

  9. Cool details, but I have no idea what these bags are from. Is it Ikea? We don't have one here, but I did go to one once years ago.

  10. Oh I love staying home too doing nothing as well. I don't suffer from Cabin fever too often, at least not as much as my hubby does! I get your post!!


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