17 February 2012


Fridays are busy with photo challenges this month. And though I didn't manage last week's Poetic Winter prompt (which was 'warmth' and should have been easy, since it's warm here all the time, d'uh) I really wanted to try and take part in the final two weeks.

But like my p52: true love post earlier today, I really struggled to find a photo to illustrate passion in a romantic sense. I think it's the Valentine's overload this week, it kind of puts me off. So instead, I took this photo of some elderly guys (all simply known as Uncles in Singapore) at the outdoor checkerboard tables in Kreta Ayer Square.

I love this scene. Who knows what the central character is feeling so passionate about. Maybe he's a cabby bemoaning the fare hikes and new underground networks that are ruining his trade. Maybe he's a noodle hawker feeling the pinch from ever-increasing stall rents. Perhaps he resents the new Chinatown Visitor Centre imposing on the square, certainly the checkerboards have been slightly sidelined. Maybe he's just losing the game or having a laugh at the expense of one of his friends. But one thing's for sure; none of his pals are paying the slightest attention to his outburst. You can imagine them thinking, "old Lim grumbling again. Plus ca change.".

there's a nifty little filter in Photoshop called surface blur, which perhaps I overdid a bit (like all psd newbies tend to do!) it kind of
gently flattened/smoothed out the whole image except the central character's face (by chance). Helps to vignette a bit I thought.

Now, just in case you're interested, I wasn't sure about the rules regarding publishing photos of strangers. But here's a marvelous explanation from Darcy at my3boybarians. So, sorry if this happens to be your actual Uncle, but I think this falls into the totally acceptable category because I was just standing in a square taking a picture of a public scene. Interesting stuff anyway, and a great simple explanation.

Linking up with the wonderful Rebecca at Bumbles and Light, Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud, Faith of Sweet Violet and Alicia of Project Alicia, who are together hosting the Poetic Winter Photography Challenge. Click on the button below or go to their Pinterest board to check out the other lovely pictures.

Poetic Winter Photo Challenge


  1. As another newbie I had to chuckle about the comment about newbie overuse of editing tools! Guilty!

  2. You go - being an editing newbie is the pits, but you're learning brillintly!! Thanks for linking up with the Poetic Winter challenge. What editing program are you using?

  3. I think you did the surface blur nicely. And what a unique example for passion. Indeed a difficult one for me this week as well... Thanks so much for participating in our Poetic Winter Challenge!

  4. All editing takes practice, but your blur was well executed. Well done.


  5. This was a great interpretation of passion! I had a bit of difficulty as well. And I'm all Valentine's out too!

    Thanks so much for joining us in the Poetic Winter Photo Challenge. We're moving on to "Calm" next Friday and boy am I glad. I could use a little bit of calm in my life after this crazy week! Have a lovely weekend.

  6. I love this! What great expressions, so candid and it pulls me in, I really wonder what they were talking about or what was going on in the scene!

    Thanks for taking part in the Poetic Winter Photo Challenge!

  7. yes! he does look passionate. great capture!

  8. I think this is a wonderful image - so full of life and what stories we can weave from it - real art xxx

  9. haha my dad has that same look when he loses a game.


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