24 February 2012


January and February have been the calm before the storm of 2012.

In March, it all kicks off for us. Leaving our home of two years in Singapore, moving back to our "real" home in the UK - a process that will take nearly two months in total. Endless, endless paperwork mountains to be climbed. Making our empty house feel like home again, and starting from scratch in our big, heartbreakingly neglected garden. Contemplating the absence of Mister Breadwinner for looooong periods (sadly, this year our bread must come from Continental Europe it seems). Starting "big" school. Much-ignored, long-overdue and cripplingly expensive maintenance to our house. And numerous other challenges that make my eyes pop out of my head, some that I can anticipate, many that I'm sure I can't.

But no matter what happens this year, I'll always be happy that I got to spend a very early Monday morning in February watching the sun rise over a gradually wakening Singapore from the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, looking out over the highest swimming pool in the world. It was very calm indeed. That breadwinner, he certainly knows how to give his girls a treat.

about 6.30am using a very long exposure and a helpfully placed wall (got to get a tripod one of these days!)

snapped with my iphone just before breakfast. she stayed there a long time in the very cold water, it almost looked like she was meditating at times.

Linking up with the wonderful Rebecca at Bumbles and Light, Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud, Faith of Sweet Violet and Alicia of Project Alicia, who are together hosting the Poetic Winter Photography Challenge. Click on the button below or go to their Pinterest board to check out the other lovely pictures.

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  1. What a snazzy way to say hooray to Singapore.
    Not sure if I'd be able to hang off the edge of the pool but the views are indeed special.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Beautiful! Good luck on your move, and reclaiming your garden!

  3. What an incredible place! I'm a country girl but boy if there was ever a way to see a city!

    Good luck with the move, whereabouts in the UK are you coming back to?

  4. These are gorgeous, what an awesome pool... I would love that view!

    Moving internationally is hard, we're coming up on our 1 year anniversary of leaving Germany (which had been our home for 3 years) and a few of the feelings are still there, when I think about it I can barely believe it's been a year. It's such a whirlwind of emotions, but we make it through. Good luck with the move!

    Thank you for taking part in the Poetic Winter Photography Challenge :)

  5. Oh and I, too, was wondering where in the UK you're going back to? My parents are in the Cambridge area and I'm hoping to get out and visit them this summer :)

  6. @annie and satakieli - back to the North of Scotland. Currently I think they're having an unseasonably warm spring, but it's atill about 20 degrees cooler than here, so I'm away to buy some boots and tights (not always easy to find in Singapore!)

  7. I know how u feel, moving from one part of the world to an other is stressfull. You ll have to get used to a different lifestyle and enviroment.

    Love the clicks!

  8. You make me want to visit Singapore! I love the view over the water with the city as a backdrop. Very creative!

  9. Amazing pool!!! Beautiful pictures! You've got so much going on I felt stressed just reading it. :) Good luck!

  10. A photo worth one thousand words. It feels extremely special to "meet" you at this moment in your life. You have a great blog -- I'll be back and wish you a smooth transition. I find almost everything is at it's most extreme, just before; the limbo period.

    1. gosh willowday, you're absolutely right! the past week (the limbo) has been one of high drama, but now that we're about to go to the airport everything seems to be falling into much simpler perspective. (phew!)


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