30 November 2011

tax (return) evasion

I always aim to file my tax return by my birthday in October. And then I promise myself it really will get done by Christmas. Inevitably I end up filing at the very last minute in January (oops). It's the absolute prime example of my worst habit - crashing procrastination - and it's the sole reason I get so productively engrossed in other things at around about this time of year.

So October came and went, predictably. And now with Christmas looming I'm knitting prodigiously all of a sudden, the latest finished item being the Christmas Zooey for The Boss. Super cute.

It was supposed to have some sort of ruffles up the front, but by the time I had added the button bands, hidden about two dozen tails, and added the buttons, I felt like the fabric had been tortured enough. Do you ever feel that way? That you've made beautiful soft sections, blocked them to razor-edged perfection, but then when it comes to the finishing it feels like torturing and contorting your lovely fabric into bumpy seams and knotty lumps under the armpits? No? Ah well, just me and my ham fists.

Anyway, moving swiftly on (so that I don't have time to think about, far less fill out, the forms for you-know-what). I've so admired Ginny's little girls in their cap-sleeved tops that I've decided to see if I can get one of those finished for the Christmas break too, using some yarn that should have everything going for it. Rowan Purelife Revive in Pink Granite is speckled, textured, made from recycled garments, and is all-round gorgeous. Unfortunately it's hand-achingly awful to knit with due to it being a lot like pretty string. But I've got four balls that cost a fortune about two years ago and I'm determined to use them up (more items have been started and frogged in this dreadful, gorgeous stuff than I care to admit), so the cap-sleeved sweater is it. I've never knitted anything in the round before and can't stand the string... what could possibly go wrong? Well I've just cast on for the fourth time. Watch this space...

Regarding books for Yarn Along this week, I'm still struggling with Jefferey Eugenides' The Marriage Plot and its lack of chapters. But someone in my book group back in Scotland just chose I don't know how she does it by Allison Pearson, which looks like a nice bit of light (hopefully chapter-full) holiday reading. I think I'd better save it for the airplane, because I've really got to get this tax return done.

Happy St Andrew's Day quines.


  1. Ack! i thought i was the only person who did stuff like that! People coming over...ah I'll just start a new project instead of cleaning that downstairs bathroom. Need to send in that super important insurance forms with a deadline...oh look i forgot I had this yarn, lets start a new sweater... Here is to hoping you get it done before Christmas so then you can do WHATEVER you want lol. I'm new to your blog, thanks for sharing : ) Tricia crunchycatholicmomma.blogspot.com

  2. I know exactly what you mean about finishing off. I've just made a long striped scarf for a friend. The knitting was perfect, as neat as could be and then last night I spent the evening threading in all the ends...not very well! At least it's obvious that it's hand and not machine made...well that's my excuse anyway...
    ...but your little cardi looks lovely...can't see any bumps at all...


  3. I'm a procrastinator too, so good luck!

    Hope the pretty string turns into a gorgeous cap sleeved garment, with minimal pain and suffering ;) I hate when a yarn looks gorgeous but is just not nice to knit with at all.

    The Zooey looks great, and I can't see any finishing issues personally (but I do know what you mean - my finishing skills leave a lot to be desired!)

  4. Good luck knitting with hurtful yarn. I have been there and I know through the pain you will love your finished project :)

  5. I am with you on the finishing thing - I hate it!!! It's one of the reasons I don't make anything that needs to have sleeves sewn on, everything is in the round. sleeveless, or just doesn't get made!

    Love your photo and the cardi. x

  6. The cardi looks great - what finishing issues???
    Procrastinating? No never. I'll just check out a few more yarnalongs before I wash dishes, finish the advent cander, continue the cowl.....

  7. I just adore Zooey (and the boss!!! looks adorable in it!) Fiddly or not--you did a wonderful job. Don't think it needs the ruffles at all!

  8. I am totally a procrastinator too! Beautiful project, much better than filling out forms ;-)

  9. The boss looks very cute in her new cardi :) As to finishing- yes, I HATE putting all the ends in. In fact, I got to the point where I try and do it as I go along so I don't have to do it at the end- which can cause problems when you need to frog it back a bit :o Otherwise I try to avoid them ;)

  10. Oh my! I'd love to make that little sweater in an adult size for me. It's absolutely adorable and perfect just as is...no ruffles needed.

  11. what a wonderful little cardi! well done little macaroon mama. worth all the procrastination in my opinion.

  12. Aww, the colours of that yarn are gorgeous (and the names... :))
    Shame it's such a pain to knit with. I hope you'll get to enjoy it!

    I can't stand books without chapters. Don't the authors ever read themselves? I always have to wait for a sentence to finish at the bottom of a page so I can remember where I stopped.

  13. Cute cardi!
    Come on - get the tax return done before the festive season. It's never as bad doing it as it seems.


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