04 November 2011

shades of autumn: purple

The beautiful blogs Bumbles & Light, Live & Love Out Loud and Project Alicia are hosting a photography challenge based around the shades of autumn. You can find out all the details by clicking on the button below.
Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

At only 70-ish miles from the equator there's no traditional northern hemisphere change in the seasons here in Singapore. I thought this might be an interesting exercise in sharing the shades of a tropical Asian autumn; lush, vibrant and dripping with sweat colour.

I found purple rather a challenge, so apologies that this post doesn't perhaps live up to the other colours in the series. Despite living in an urban rainbow, I just didn't spot that much purple. Anyway, here are some of the purples to be found in Singapore this autumn (and a few memorable purple pics from 2010 at the end...!).

the Dance Ensemble Singapore building - all self-respecting ballet schools be lilac with pink shutters!

glossing over some of the more glaring ironies in this picture, don't you just love the wire shutters?
Singapore's amazing variety of old wire shutters is something I hope to explore in more detail soon

a beautiful weed growing rampant beside the Kallang River

veering towards indigo here - porcelain balls for sale - purpose unknown!

OK, time for a few cheats from autumn 2010:

performance art at the F1 Grand Prix, Sept 2010 - the light effect on the dancer's
body is complete SOOC luck. I love it! Their robotic pose, with Norman Foster's
UFO-like New Supreme Court in the background, makes it all looks rather sci-fi

the Old Supreme Court, Sept 2010 F1 Grand Prix

the most amazing mall, ION Orchard, sparkling in it's party lights

ever wondered what the INSIDE of a Christmas tree looks like? Sparkly!

And lastly, another little maternal indulgence. My girl picked this flower for me, put it in a little glass from her toy kitchen and laid it out on a yellow napkin. Bless 'er. No idea what kind of flower it is, it comes from a small shrub in the driveway and smells very strongly of freesias.

See my green, yellow, orange and red photos from previous weeks!


  1. I love the inside a Christmas tree picture, the sparkliness is captured beautifully :)

    And the last picture, so sweet. And freesias are my favourite smelling flower ever.

  2. Beautiful pics. I left a big ball of beautiful purple yarn on my desk a couple of days ago and found myself staring at it most of today when I should have been working.

    The Dance Ensemble building is hilarious!

  3. I love what you "see" during these challenges-so beautiful! Congrats on the red chair photo as being a fav on Thursday :D

  4. Beautiful pics, love the buildings....

  5. very lovely, i like the last photo best, so sweet.

  6. You have such fresh perspective!

  7. Another collection of beautiful shots! Thanks for joining us in the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge. Next week's theme will be brown. See you then! Have a great weekend.

  8. It must be exciting to be surrounded by so much color.

  9. always fun to see what you come up with. another fab set of photos!

  10. Another beautiful post. Love the ballet school!!! I wish we had more colour here like that.
    And how sweet is you wee munchkin?
    I love those porcelain balls. They remind me of my Grandma - she had some ginger jars and things with that colour and pattern.

  11. Fun post--I love the variety of images you found both in your surroundings and your archive to show 'purple'!

    Enjoying your blog--just found you from Happy Homemaker UK.

  12. More beautiful photos from you! Of course, my favorite is the flower at the end because of the sweet little story that goes with it.

  13. the inside of the Christmas Tree is fabulous what a great idea!

  14. What a beautiful variety of shots / perspective! And the story behind the last image is precious. Glad to find your blog!


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