02 December 2011

food bloggers unplugged!

Lovely Shu Han tagged me in this food bloggers unplugged thingummy, which is kind of annoying actually, because she's one of my favourite food bloggers and I would definitely have tagged her back given the chance. Go and see her site if you need some tropical spicy food in your life (and who doesn't?). Anyhoo, this is the first time I've done something like this, so here goes... (bearing in mind that I don't consider myself a food blogger, I just happen to eat rather a lot, so food has found itself being one of my main topics of conversation).

1. What, or who, inspired you to start a blog?
A few things.
  • feeling a need to document our Expat adventure while fully aware that I cannot stick with a written diary for more than two weeks
  • my friend at PDNFTA who told me it was fun
  • smart-arsed vanity and a liking for words
  • the "opt-in" social networking option as opposed to the people-I-knew-at-school-and-didn't-much-care-for-then-and-haven't-seen-for-twenty-years-ramming-it-down-yer-neck "opt-out" variety. If you know what I mean.
2. Who is your foodie inspiration?
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall wins hands down. Man's a genius.

3. Your greasiest, batter-splattered food/drink book is?
A plastic lever-arch file containing all my clippings and notes that I'm in the (long drawn-out) process of sorting out. I use it as much as all my other cookbooks put together.

4. Tell us about the best thing you have eaten in another country, where was it, what was it?
A bowl of noodles in Kyoto last Christmas (near the corner of the road that leads up to Kiyumizu-dera Temple). The restaurant (whose name I didn't even know at the time, since it wasn't written in English) had one long table, about a dozen seats, and about six items on the menu. I had udon in soup with wild greens and two pieces of inari sushi. It was sublime. 

5. Another food blogger's table you'd like to eat at?
Easy one, Dr Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost is a legend in our household. He guides our culinary journey through what must be the most complex and extraordinary foodie country in the world. I'd ask him to give me a roti prata-making lesson, and then I'd ask him approximately three gazillion other questions about Singaporean food.

6. What is the one kitchen gadget you would ask Santa for this year (money no object of course)?
I'd do (almost) anything for a Kitchenaid countertop mixer. But I'd settle for a Dualit hand mixer. I've heard tell of a mysterious and marvellous new invention recently too - an induction hob with a hollowed out area for your wok - GENIUS! I think I would spend a lot of time stroking it.

7. Who taught you how to cook?
The Guardian/Observer newspaper columns circa 2000-2010. Possibly my Mum instilled a few basic skills before that.

8. I'm coming to you for dinner, what is your signature dish?
In Singapore, nothing. We're going out because you'd be crazy to want to eat at home. In Scotland, I'd probably make you green masala chicken and stuffed peppers (recipes from the Guardian columns by Vicky Bhogal who is amazeballs). With a bit of dhal.

9. What is your guilty food pleasure?
I could probably eat my own body weight in marshmallows.

10. Reveal something about yourself that others would be surprised to learn?
I can't poach an egg to save my life. I don't drive on principle... and because I'm really crap at it. I've done many things to earn an honest wage, from busking to root canal therapy. One of the most painful things I've ever done was, many years ago, to spend a day dressed as a maiko (apprentice geisha). Those girls are hard as nails.

And now, to tag 5 others!
Okay, apologies to these here listed if they've already taken part in this event (or decided to pass on it - that's okay too). Here are some food bloggers I really like:


  1. Well. That has made me blush - thank you.

    Your answers are so exotic! Very exciting.
    You know, if we can manage to save up some pennies by the time we are, say, 50, I would so love to be able to take a trip to Japan with you and have you show me round and keep me right. Am drooling just thinking about all the lovely food you could introduce me to!

    Hmmm, I also want a nosey at your lever-arch file!

    Away to look up Vicky Bhogal - haven't really been aware of her before.

    Thanks for tagging me - will get round to it sometime (not tonight - I am supposed to be working!).

  2. Have you read this - http://twirlingbetty.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/my-heart-broke-on-the-beach-last-friday-night/#comment-1710

    Get your hankies ready.

  3. I agree with Please Do Not Feed The Animals – your answers are very exotic, but so interesting and exciting! I'm a little jealous of the noodles you had in Kyoto!! I also love your answer of "smart-arsed vanity and a liking for words" – your honesty is hilarious!

    Thank you so much for tagging me! I'm honestly touched, and also blushed! I'll definitely be re-posting it, though it might take me a while to decide on a couple of the answers… Particularly the best thing I've eaten in another country – how does one choose?!

  4. Oh, how lovely knowing more about you. That meal in Japan does sound sublime. I love Japan and Japanese food. I went there a couple of years ago and didn't want to leave.
    Where do you like to eat out in Singapore? I love the chili crab dish there and a restaurant which I cannot remember the name in Little India.
    Thanks for tagging me! I am so excited and cannot wait to play along.
    Have a great day!

  5. yay i'm glad you did the tag, it was so much fun reading this! i would love to eat OUT with dr leslie tay haha, i will gladly starve 2 days before so I can fit in all the hawker treasures.

  6. PDNFTA, a trip to Japan when we're 50 sounds amazing! I'll be there with my freshly powdered varicosities and a dozen sturdy twinsets. (I know fo-sho that's where I'm headed.)

    Mel - I look forward to your answers!

    Michael - in Little India it can only be the Madras New Woodlands on Upper Dickson. Make it your next port of call when you have some time in Singapore!

    Shu Han - I hear you!


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