15 March 2013

sweet potato, sour cherry and pecan brownies ::
a great random red nose day bake

Well, after questioning the omnipotent Twitter the other day, it only went and proved its worth in the comments section of the very same post, with the actual s'labrity baker answering a query I had about his recipe. I suppose that's me told.

I still don't understand Twitter, but at least I know a man who does, and that man is our Random Recipe host Dom. Who challenged us this month to pick from our bulging folders, toppling towers and sliding stacks of cuttings and clippings for this month's random recipe. This is my favourite kind of Random Recipe, because if you cut something out or jotted something down, you must have thought it sounded delicious - no risk of frog congee or sherry trifle here.

Well, I used a number generator to select page number 9/52 from my laminated book of dreams (no, not the Bill Bailey Argos catalogue, but my kikki.K baking folder).

Why the baking file rather than the recipe file? Because it was our local baking night in aid of Comic Relief of course!

And so, Dan Lepard's Sweet potato, sour cherry and pecan brownies were made. And I'm pleased to say every single one was eaten at the bake night (or tucked away in a tupperware for later).

They were everything a chocolate brownie should be. And a little bit more besides because:
a) sweet potato is a health food
b) the sour cherries symbolised red noses
c) they were gobbled in aid of Comic Relief!

Despite heavy snow and a modest turn out, we raised £70 on the night, and I understand there's more to come with a blind auction of some goodies.

So, what are you waiting for? Hashtag dosomethingyummyformoney, hashtag don'tevenknowwhathashtagmeans, hashtag don'tevenhaveahashtagsymbolonmycomputer

Hop on over to Belleau Kitchen at the end of the month to see Dom's wonderful RR roundup. Actually, it's only half way through the month - why don't you join in too? You must have a stash of clippings and cuttings kicking around somewhere, don't you...


  1. If I'd seen this earlier I'd have baked some ... perfect Red Nose Day fodder :)

  2. so glad I could be of service to help create these wonderful things... a great recipe and a great random recipe entry, thank you x

  3. Great idea for the charity bake - they do look irresistible. hashtag,donthaveatwitteraccount.

    1. That's the spirit Phil! Come the revolution we'll... well, we won't know about the revolution probably 'cos it'll take place on Twitter.

  4. Love it. You randomly picked a recipe? I'll have to try that some night for a family dinner. ; )

  5. I am a little bit scared of twitter myself. But I really like your random recipe pick.

  6. Looks like a great recipe for a great cause! Glad Twitter came to the aid as well.

  7. I'm not really good with Twitter either but I have used it to contact the uncontactable more than once. Even British Airways will answer a tweet and help with a reservation issue, believe it or not! I was merely moaning about my problem in a tweet but I guess that makes them look bad so they responded and helped with a solution. The amazing power of Twitter!

    I love your sour cherry brownies and what a perfect recipe for Red Nose Day!

  8. These look wonderful!


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