13 March 2013

no time to say "hello, goodbye"

Did I ever mention how wonderful Nicole's Classes are?
I did? A hundred times already?

Well I'm going to tell you again, because they have monopolised ALL my spare moments so far this year.

Like the white rabbit, I'm late, late, late for everything these days, always trying to squeeze just one more tutorial into my already hectic schedule. I've listened to tutorials while changing nappies, while pasta boils, while The Boss does her homework. You name it, I've got half an ear tuned to my tutor Alma's dulcet tones.

Here's just a small sample of what she has enabled me to make this week. I'm not getting any kick back for telling you that I highly commend Nicole's online school to any and all of you who want to learn something new.

I'm hooked.

[I suspect Alma would point out that other fonts are available, and there is more than one way to set a block of text, but I'm having a fully-justified Amatic moment. It'll pass.]

* copyright little macaroon. 2013, all rights reserved.

* copyright little macaroon. 2013, all rights reserved.

* copyright little macaroon. 2013, all rights reserved.

* copyright little macaroon. 2013, all rights reserved.


  1. Very nice. I will definitely need to check them out. You give a convincing argument!

  2. Love the Boris Johnson quote!

    These are really good :D (If only I had the time I'd take your advice and have a go at the courses.)

  3. These are fab. :)
    Spending your time doing creative things is brilliant. Dad and I are going to start our monthly photography thing again next month. And I must get to grips with Photoshop. I suspect through a book rather than a course as time and money are not in abundance at the mo.
    I reckon if I were your husband, I would be suggesting it is time you were making some money from all your cool things by now. ;)

    1. I'm working on the money thing... little by little :-)

      I tried learning photoshop with a book, in fact I have a book I can give you to look at. But it just didn't work for me - I absolutely had to watch people physically doing the processes - reading about it was impossible. I guess one option would be youtube - if you can find a cohesive series of tutorials I'm sure that would be an excellent way to go. But the book? Well, it's been slammed down on the floor in frustration more than once!


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