02 June 2012

project 52: playtime

See what happens when you turn your back for five minutes? Okay, so it's been more like six weeks since I fell off the P52 wagon, but in that time it's vacated the delectable Darcy's website and is now hosted by someone handsomely-named Kent. (We're all about names round here at the moment, and I have to say, Kent sounds dashing don'cha think?)

But this week I caught sight of the fact that the theme is 'playtime'. Something I clearly haven't had enough of lately, because I haven't been taking many photos or generally joining in. I blame that on physically feeling like a faded, slightly-too-squashy space hopper. One from the actual 1970s. (Btw, have you seen these - if I wasn't totally neurotic about injuring children, I'd definitely have bought one by now. Like all of the most potentially limb-threatening head-cracking toys, it looks awesomesauce.)

Anyway, I happen to have loads of photos from various childish playful activities this past week due to the fairly tolerable weather. We've had a new swing built in the garden, resulting in about forty bazillion virtually identical photos of shoe soles or undercrackers... or both. And today, my beloved progeny decided to set up a yard sale in the front path, specifically selling granite chuckies to passersby. Yes, individual bits of gravel, in a city that's entirely made of granite. Gravel from the actual path she was sitting on. Many hilarious photos. Especially after she, rather impressively, made 90p.

But here's one picture that I really like. Taken, I confess, with no skill or merit using my iphone and a brazenly-applied instagram filter (I forget which one - I think LoFi). Sorry - must try harder next time.

My daughter's bedroom is absolutely my favourite room in our house. It's dark, cheaply decorated, small and crowded, but I've always loved it. And (call me crazy) but when there have been friends round to play and it looks like a bomb has dropped, I love it even more. Looking at all the debris, I always get the feeling that it's this wild abandon and colour that allows kids to be so much happier than adults. Wouldn't you be?

Now, here I really want to add the clever linky P52 banner, but I'm too much of a numpty to know how to plop it here from Kent's website, where it sits there looking all snazzy... but where's the bit of html that I paste into my post? Do let a luddite like me in on the secret and I'll promise to do it all proper next time. Cheers.


  1. Love the dollhouse you have for your gal. She has so many lovely toys!!

    1. Little macaroon3 June 2012 at 14:14

      It was my dolls house, reclaimed from a garbage lorry and renovated... So goodness knows how old it is. It's certainly been very well loved!

  2. Did my boys happen to have helped make that mess??

    1. yes! they're very good at their jobs as you can see ;-)

  3. Love all the toys pulled out. That way they can see everything.
    I think the buttons are on the post introduction on Kent's blog where is says 52 Swag. Glad to see you back.

  4. looks like someone was having a lot of fun!! fun interpretation! Fellow member of p.52 photo challenge. Glad to find your blog!


  5. That little kitchen is lovely!


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