23 March 2012

project 52: hunger

I am defiantly, sinfully lazy. A bone-idle, work-shy sloth. But one thing is guaranteed to motivate me: hunger. Specifically, a hunger to feed people things that I've grown myself.

Only yesterday, that hunger triggered a three hour frenzy, digging over the green manure beds and generally preparing the veg patch for Spring. It also inspired the singular kind of madness known as talking to trees. Asking the apple buds if this year, their fourth since being planted, might just be the year, and begging them not to flower while there's still a threat of frost.

And at risk of sounding excessively crunchy, I admit to evangelising about veg patches being the best way to encourage a child's hunger for greens. The Boss, who like most of her ilk has never willingly eaten a salad leaf, has declared her sprouting micro cabbage leaves (sown on some damp kitchen roll and ready 10 days later) to be delicious. (Authoritative proof, sample size one.)

Luckily, that kind of physical exertion also makes me hungry, giving me an excuse to sit in the sun with a cup of tea and some Mothers' Day chocolates. Happy weekend!

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  1. you know what, when I was in primary school, we had to grow beansprouts/ lettuce for science class. then we got to take them home and my mum cooked it for me and I swear it was the best vegetable I had ever eaten.

  2. Ah - I asked the boys what they would like to grow so we have a trip to Fox Lane coming up for carrot seeds for Adam and tomato seeds for Rufie. Can't wait.
    When's the best time to split rhubarb? I wouldn't mind a bit of yours sometime. I'll find a space for it. Made a gorgeous wholemeal crumble from your rhubarb the other day. Adam loved it. I finished it off for breakfast next morning.

  3. Great shots. I'm dying to start our veg patch too. Another favorite of the week.

  4. Can't wait to see how your veg patch turns out this year. It's really cool to be able to grow your own vegetables.

  5. Welcome back to Britain! I hope it's been as sunny in Scotland as it has been down south these past few days - and that the apple tree earns its keep this year!


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