30 March 2012

project 52: details

Amazing stationery store Kikki.K wrote this great little blog post earlier in the week about finding new angles with your camera. Their examples taught me a brilliant lesson (yes, yes, photo bods, I know it's entry level but some people don't know these things 'kay?). The thing you're photographing doesn't need to be entirely in the frame, or even entirely in focus. It may be just enough to just suggest the form of an object, allowing your eyes to focus on the smaller details.

And so I thought I'd give it a go this morning for p52, "details". I'll need to practice a bit, but it was fun.

left: yawn
right: happy hazy days in the chive patch

I feel so pleased to have a "proper" camera these days, even though it's not quite the DSLR of my dreams. Manual functions are so rewarding, and auto functions are so often uniquely disappointing. I love it. If anyone's nervous of their manual functions, don't be, look what they do, even for a duffer like me.

left: "smart" settings, ISO100, auto WB, f/9.5, 1/160, couldn't force it to focus on anything but the surrounding grasses. crappy shot.
right: ISO400, daylight WB, f/4, 1/1600, manual focus. Not perfect, but a million times better, no?

UPDATE: Blogger doesn't seem to be allowing me to leave comments on any p52-ers' posts. I am looking at them and I am loving them - just sorry I can't let you know. (Anyone else having the same problem? Mind you, if you are, you probably can't leave a comment to tell me that. Hmmm.)

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  1. As someone learning all this 'stuff' too, I like your side by side comparisons! I've learned enough about my manual settings to know that I have no desire to go back to auto, and much desire to keep learning more :)

  2. I am still learning my dslr and love it every time I use it. Great photos :)

  3. Interesting.. the manual shot really looks much better.. have yet to dare to try manual on my semi-DSLR

  4. So glad your having fun. Hope they fix your post issue soon.

  5. I did have a comment problem this morning. But things seem to be working now. I love your shot of the tulips. They are lovely.

  6. It sure makes a difference...
    I'm still fighting with my camera to get some acceptable shots, but I love yours...
    keep posting them! =^.^=

  7. I love this post and photos. It's like revisiting a familiar location -- inspiration appreciated! Thank you for stopping by willowday - I have a fun Easter card/project for the weekend...and my first give away!

  8. Great shots! Yes, I read post recently about shooting from different angles, and I agree it makes a big difference (although I can't say that I always do a great job of it! I hear ya on the manual settings. I never shoot in auto anymore, but last week I didn't want to miss with manual focal points, and I was so disappointed with the pictures! Won't make that mistake again anytime soon!

  9. Im glad to know that Im not the only one learning! I enjoyed the side by side pictures and I think I will go my own "experiments" by following your lead. Thanks!!

  10. Fantastic! I love how you put the two shots next to one another. It then makes it oh so painfully obvious that change needs to happen. What a great reminder! :)


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