19 July 2011

sweet shot: chinatown

With my blog now a whole week old, I'm feeling brave enough to try joining a bloggy/linky/challenge type thingummy: Sweet Shot Tuesday with my3boybarians (click the post title). I'm nervous that the technology won't work, so if you see my photo and it's up in the correct place, please give me a comment or something to let me know I've done it right (or advice on how to get it right!). Okay, here goes...

This is one of my favourite pictures from a morning in Chinatown, Singapore the other week. I love the colour contrast, the rain stain texture on the wall, and by some miracle I think I might have got the composition ok. The other reason I like it is that I've played around with tweaking it and pimping it digitally, but I still like the original (the one shown here) the best.


  1. Welcome to the bloggy world! Lots of fun!

    The colors in this are lovely and it is definitely a sweet shot!

  2. I ♥ the simplicity and color! Perfection :~)

  3. Aw thank you Scott and Cedar, suddenly I feel like this is a real blog!

    Take a look around, and feel free to follow (as you can see, I need to gather some peeps to break the indimidating "Members(1)" curse... and I paid her so she doesn't count ;0)

  4. Love the color. Wonderful shot.

  5. welcome to blogland and to sweet shot tuesday! your photo is beautiful and i love the colors and clarity! oh, and your banner photo-perfect.

  6. Ha ha - you are sooo getting sucked in.
    It is a lovely photo - would be a nice one on a kitchen wall - the colours would brighten the place up.
    Be good for when you get back to dreary Aberdeen - to remind you of your bright, colourful, hot hiatus. :-)

  7. Thank you for all the lovely comments!

    PDNFTA: I hadn't thought of a kitchen wall, but you're right, a nice big canvas print would look cheery - shame they're so flippin expensive (unlike Ikea's big red plastic frame at a mere 15S$ for which I might print a copy for as an interim measure!)

    Patty: thanks for your comment on my banner photo too - just occasionally the mess that my daughter leaves lying around is pretty!


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