21 July 2011

paper mama photo challenge: black & white

Another photo challenge, this time from The Paper Mama. The picture has to include at least part of your child(ren) and/or pet, and on this occasion it has to be in black & white. Click on the post title to get through to see the other lovely pictures. Again, first time I've done this one, so I hope it works...

Here's a picture of The Boss teaching her bunny how to draw. In case you're wondering why I refer to her here as The Boss, it's not through any bizarre inverted sense of family hierarchy designed to give her airs and graces. It's because the Uncle at our local coffee house always affectionately calls her The Boss, and it's kind of stuck. He says that she looks like she ought to be in charge, with her wee glasses and serious little face.

I think this photo shows how patient a Mummy she is to her little boy, Funny Bunny (or Mr FB to those who know him well), who's been with her since day one.


  1. I thought I'd left a comment earlier but I guess it got lost in transit. Thanks for dropping by my blog. It's nice to read yours, I suppose I get to read about Singapore from a different perspective. The weather here is depressing! Enjoy the sunshine over there. :)

  2. Oh dear... this has made me a little bit tearful. Not really sure why. Gulp.

  3. Now now PDNFTA. You'll be getting broody for a wee girl if you're not careful.


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