10 April 2013

out of the corner of my eye

The corner of your eye is a very deceptive place.

When we left our old cat in London in 2010, en route to the Far East, every dark cushion or discarded swimming towel in our new Singapore flat was, to the corner of my eye, a black cat. It took a long time for our minds to adjust to her absence.

Likewise, when we moved back to the UK two years later, every dark knot in the floorboards, every clump of black cat fur that blew across the floor, every dark piece of playmobile under the sofa was - to the corner of my eye - a cockroach. Any number of double takes couldn't convince my brain that they do not exist in freezing cold Scottish houses.

It's playing tricks on me again today. In a fit of optimism borne of seven whole degrees of Celsius, I hung out washing this morning for the first time this year. Now there is a perpetual intruder in the garden according to the corner of my eye. He or she is not a very stealthy intruder and appears to be wearing flappy wet pink leggings on his/her arms. Wetter since it started raining.

Is that pathetic fallacy or something? The Easter break has been a wee bit of a disaster. The Boss got the chicken pox which forced us to return from our holiday after about 36 hours. We're housebound, watching kids' movies on the computer every afternoon and subsisting on Easter chocolate. For a former dentist that eschewed telly a year ago, that's a weird old week. 

You'd think I would have got some knitting done? Lots of reading? Studying? No chance. The table is littered with bank statements and gently ageing clementines. Crumbs are amalgamating with paint flecks, puree and glitter in depraved corners of the room, and I seem to be wearing my husband's clothes. I've genuinely no idea how or why that has happened. A misguided glimpse in the mirror shows that the dry shampoo I sprayed in this morning hasn't been combed through, resulting in a weird grey patch.

It may or may not be dry shampoo actually, it may be a bit that I "missed" while dyeing in a hurry last week. Let's face it, neither of these possibilities is glamorous. But out of the corner of my eye, I'm going to go with the dry shampoo option. (Never let it be said that I project a phoney perfect life here, eh.)

Strangely, if you caught sight of us out of the corner of your eye you'd see that we're all having rather a nice time. And for once it wouldn't be deceiving you. I'm just grateful that the corner of my eye doesn't have a chicken pock on it.

a wee bit oof varjo has been started, but as you can see, it's being overwhelmed!


  1. oh no, chicken pox! Well I hope she is on the mend and that no one else gets it but gets the immunity. Love the seed/or garter stitch knitting you're showing off! love the tonal colors of the yarn!

  2. Isn't it funny what our reality makes us do that our perfect selves thought would never happen. Out of the corner of my eye, it does look like fun.

  3. ahh the joy of chicken pox, we just got over them!!! Very pretty shawl, and that yarn is yummy. Have a knitty wednesday xx

  4. Oh poor thing, the chicken pox suck. I love your writing style and openness, it makes wish we were friends.

    1. What a really lovely thing to say, thank you so much. I do worry a little when I'm complimented on openness though... Am I saying things no one else would? Should I button my lip?! :-/

  5. I am so sorry about your "spring vacation" and the chicken pox- no fun! But as you write- it does sound like you are having a nice time despite it all. Hope your littles feel better soon.

  6. Oh my, the pox always hits at the best of times, I must admit my youngest had it on holiday too but she was very young so we stayed on holiday! Hope she feels better soon and your knitting becomes more accessible :)

  7. That's a great post! I totally relate to all of it - although our pops were a few years back. Here's to making it through the week without cavities ;)

  8. I'm reading this in bed and just remembered I had stashed a bit of Easter egg in the bedside table drawer, so thank you for bringing it to mind! I promise I will get back up and clean my teeth.
    Sorry you have been having a sick week - hope things get better soon xx

  9. That sounds like the kind of week that afterwards will be remembered fondly even if you don't necessarily feel any fondness for it now.

    Loving the colour of that yarn.

    Hope the boss feels better soon x

  10. You poor thing...that picture says it all...except, where's the Easter candy? Don't tell me you ate it all up :) I hope that the chicken pox gets vanquished soon and life returns to so-called normal.

  11. Sorry to hear you haven't have the best week, but it sounds like you are making the most of it with tv and chocolate! :)

  12. Hi,

    Sorry if I'm totally missing it - I can't find your contact details? Claire Jessiman recommended I contact you.

    Could you drop me an e-mail at aimee.higginsATspaceandpeople.com please and I can reply to that?


  13. Oh boy, that's no fun.. I'm not sure if you're making the most of it, or if that's just the corner of my eye... hope things return to some kind of normal for you soon!


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