20 February 2013

saucy knitting and a family memoir

Turns out that lovely wool I bought a couple of weeks ago isn't right for the Varjo shawl I had in mind. Too masculine in colour for the intended recipient. But it was perfect for the very mannish Earth & Sky by Stephen West, a pattern I've been wanting to make for a while.

Apparently it was a mystery knit-along a couple of years ago, marketed using the only remotely saucy knitting photo I've ever seen. (Relax and take a look, it's PG, honest.)

While I think the finished product will be beautiful, I'm not in love with the actual pattern so far. Just the first couple of inches resulted in eleven ends to weave in. Surely it could have been more elegantly constructed to try and avoid that? It means that the reverse isn't going to be bonny, and neither are the edges, and I'm obsessed about edges. For me the finished product is ALL about perfect edges. Indeed, the other weekend (at quite the strangest Chinese New Year clan gathering of ang mohs on the wrong side of the world) I overheard my Mother-in-law and my Granny comparing the Different Lines shawls I made for each of them, and the praise was all in favour of how nice the edges are. That's a warm fuzzy feeling.

During that same weekend, I got a hold of a manuscript that I've been itching to read. The personal account of a journey my Great Uncle and Aunt made in 1949, driving overland all the way from the Middle East to the UK. I'm reading it very slowly and carefully, photocopying the crumbly, yellowing typewriter pages along the way and frantically gleaning all I can from my InDesign class, so that I can have it printed as a proper book really soon. (Seriously, they teach you how to design and create an actual proper book, isn't that amazing?)

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  1. Holy cow- too funny- great picture. Love the pattern and the yarn- a beauty for sure- your shawl that is...just so that we are on the same page here :)

  2. Love the pattern..the colors are so colorful.. nice.

  3. What a fantastic treasure that book must be. And making a book is a stellar feat. I like Stephen West's whimsy, but you are right about the blocky construction.

  4. Saucy and knitting in the same sentence... You know I clicked over! ;)

  5. the book project sounds like fun and I always like to learn new things. I wholeheartedly agree with your opinions on edges and tidiness. We were twins separated by birth and maybe a generation and a half ;)

  6. What a great picture, I never thought I would be reading about saucy knitting, although after your last post I mistakenly thought you had had some kind of accident cooking!

  7. Ooh, are we going to do your Great Aunt and Uncle's book for book club?
    I take it we could order copies to be printed from a printer for a reasonable price?
    How fascinating!!!!

  8. Looks great! I think the book sounds amazing... enjoy it!

  9. Edges are all, I agree. But with such lovely colours who is going to notice the odd end, and I find if you sew in before you block but don't trim until after you block that helps too :)

    1. And that, Annie, THAT is why blogging is brilliant! Thank you for that finishing tip, I think it will be worth it's weight in gold :-)


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