18 October 2011

give & take

I've had a friend from Scotland staying for the past week. She's amazing. I simply couldn't have managed the past ten twenty years without her. And at the moment, for one reason or another, she needs support.

But, naturally quite solitary, I find having guests exhausting. Is that just me? I need a day to recover before our next week of tour-guiding, catering and being consistently "good company" (by which of course I mean eating fatty street food, drinking too many cocktails and shopping). By the time November arrives - after a visit from another set of guests - I'll be done in.

Anyway, she arrived bearing gifts, including reading material that all the Brits must have been keeping a closely-guarded secret from me. Why didn't I get the memo about new(ish) magazine Mollie Makes? Putting the twee title to one side (working on the principle that I have nothing nice to say about the title I'll say almost nothing at all) this magazine is AMAZING! I love so much about it I don't know where to start, so I'll just direct you to the website. And yes, they do have an international subscription service. (phew)

It errs just on the modern side of roses-round-the-door idyllic chintzy-ness, while managing to avoid the jaded, dated style of the vast majority of newsstand knitting/crafting magazines. This really works for me. I must be a glaringly predictable marketing demographic. (But they really should've invited me on the focus group re that title. It doesn't do the publication justice.)

As well as pressies from home, my friend also gave me the gift of gushing admiration for my new piece - a simple skinny scarf based on Brooklyn Tweed's Noro (my version is designed to use up a stash of mixed and coordinating sock yarn). She likes it so much that it'll have to be a surprise gift for her when it is eventually finished. I can't wait to see how it turns out, and I know the unisex colouring and style is a perfect fit for her.

I'll be lost when she goes. So if I can just find that extra reserve of energy to give her exactly the holiday she needs and deserves, hopefully our personal balances of give and take will be in equilibrium.

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  1. I know what you mean about being naturally solitary and needing some space after having guests, so it's definitely not just you!

    That scarf is gorgeous, I can see why your friend loved it (in fact, it would go absolutely perfectly with the outfit I am wearing right now ;) )

    Mollie Makes... I agree with you on the title. I've bought a few copies and whilst I like it a lot, it can be a bit samey month to month. Lots of fabric fruit and felt animal projects, which are lovely but overkill to have them every month. And yet, I still like it ;)

  2. I am so glad you had fun with your company. I laughed at your comment about eating unhealthy food....so true for me when people are here! Love the skinny scarf :)

  3. Oh Pinkundine, that's interesting what you say about it being a bit samey month to month - I hadn't thought of that as obvs I've only seen this one copy, so thank you for the heads up. Perhaps I'll just have to get my Mum to post me a copy every now and then rather than splurge on the subscription. (Though have you seen the free gift on offer if you subscribe now? swooon...)

  4. i was wondering too about m.m. i looked for the newest edition friday, but i know better, we are always a season behind here in the u.s.

    i do know just what you mean about visitors and fun, it's all part of it i guess. your a good friend. :)

  5. I've had my eye on that mag - you can buy a download version too, which is much less expensive. (I just need to get myself an iPad to read it on - ha, there's a saving.)

  6. Your skinny scarf looks lovely, the colours are great. I'm not sure on Mollie Makes, I find it quite repetitive, although the pictures are very pretty, just not a lot real inspiration for less skilled crafters. I much prefer MAKING magazine, lot's of projects using all kinds of crafts at all skill levels, and a similar vintage pretty styling.

  7. Your scarf is beautiful! Your friend will be so happy to wear it. Thanks for sharing Mollie Makes (you're right that title sucks); it looks fabulous.

    Have lots of fun with your friend!

  8. I've been hearing about Mollie Makes for awhile and my thoughts are that I agree. Title stinks, Lori Ann has a better title with just M.M.

  9. I'm like you - recovery after visits from/to a friend is always in order. Sounds like you're having a very good time. Enjoy. And your post is so funny. Love your wittiness.


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